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Recycle, Reduce, Reuse–Randy: Member recycles for Kiwanis Club of Marietta Golden K

We recently heard from John Kone, Member of the Kiwanis Club of Marietta Golden K who shared the following information:

Randy Pettit is the “go to guy” for the Kiwanis Club of Marietta Golden K Recycling Program.  Originally from Ocean City, NJ, Randy has been a proud member of the Kiwanis Club of Marietta Golden K for the past 3 years. He is the 2nd generation Kiwanian to continue the recycle program, which was started by the late Larry McDonald in 2005.

Randy talks with fellow Kiwanian

Randy estimates that during that time, his recycling efforts have brought in a considerable amount of money for the Marietta Golden K club. The Kiwanis Club of Marietta Golden K donates the money and club members volunteer their time to help support various organizations like: AMIS, CKI Circle K INTERNATIONAL, Special Olympics, The Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels, The Rally Foundation, Camp Twin Lakes, Mountain Top Boys Home, Restore Place, Empower Cherokee, Goshen Valley, Next Step Ministries, Must Ministries, as well as two sustaining sponsorships: The Center for Youth and Young Adults and Simple Needs Georgia.

Mike Gerace, President of the Kiwanis Club of Marietta Golden K had a special word of praise for Randy and others in the weekly Kiwanis Club Newsletter address.   “…. so many people to thank this week …. Randy Pettit for his continued recycling effort ….,” Mike wrote.

Recycling is beneficial to the cities, communities and counties in the state of Georgia. Randy has faithfully chaired the Kiwanis Club of Marietta Golden K Recycle Program for over 2 years.

When asked why he started recycling for the Kiwanis, Randy explained,  “... I would refer to this as a labor of love for getting the trash off the streets and out of the landfills and the pleasure of serving God in our faith ministry … it is important to me that Bill Clark (current Treasurer of the Kiwanis Club of Marietta Golden K) gets plenty of credit in this because he helped me learn how to get bigger pieces in the truck via his extensive recycling knowledge … he has provided a large number prospects and a great deal of encouragement, not to mention the extra strength necessary to complete the execution of heavy lifting.”

Speaking of heavy lifting, the biggest item Randy ever recycled was a 260 pound freezer, while the smallest were “... very small nails.”  It all adds up. Although Randy prefers metal objects, he will accept glass or just about anything recyclable.

Anything goes!

Randy is always at it.  At the Kiwanis Club Golden K picnic last year, a member of the club brought in an old dishwasher for recycling.  The dishwasher was transferred into the back of Randy's truck and eventually taken to the recycle yard.

Randy doesn't get a “dime” for all of his recycling efforts.  All the money he receives goes to the Kiwanis Club of Marietta Golden K. Members of the Kiwanis Club of Marietta Golden K appreciate Randy's efforts and extend a most wholehearted “thank you” to him for all his recycling endeavors.

Photos special to Marietta Talks

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