Local Old Timer Sights Bizarre Unidentified Flying Object: Celebrates Birthday

It's Official! Cameron Clark is old. On May 25, the Marietta resident turned 40 years old. He officially joined the ranks of Old Timer.

Clark played a round of golf on his birthday at Marietta Country Club when he spotted a UFO flying above the eighteenth green. Deputy Police Chief Martin “Marty" Ferrell of the Marietta Police Department raced to the scene to investigate. Clark emphatically told Ferrell, "I was playing a round of golf when a dog out in the backyard of a home on Marietta Country Club Drive started barking at the sky. I looked up and above me there was a UFO. It was shaped exactly like a cloud. These aliens are getting really clever at disguising their spacecraft."

Clark sights UFO

Ferrell released a statement saying, "Yes, it looked just like a cloud," and the MPD will not pursue the incident further.

On June 11, a small group of friends celebrated Marietta's youngest senior citizen at a Low Country Boil hosted by his wife, Katie.

Katie and Cameron welcome their guests

Ashley Stafford, Becky Simmons, Laura Hooper, and Christina Lowry

Andrew Stone and Kevin Knox

                Keri Ninness and Jennifer Knox

Mary Doornbos and Cameron Clark

                Lauren Stone and Ashley Donald

Allan Kyburz, Roger Balko, Matt Hooper and Cody Lowry

Grace Rapp and Keri Ninness

Wade Hill, Matthew Donald, Ross Ninness and Jimmy Simmons

Grant Doornbos and Cameron Clark       

View of the cocktail hour

Sam Rapp (far left) and others enjoy a chat

Perry Turner tends bar

A party wouldn't be a party without a charcuterie board

Caterer Betts Powell-Angel serves beef tenderloin skewers with Chimichurri sauce as hors d'oeuvres

Kara and Seth Millican help Betts with the Low Country Boil

View of the outdoor dining area

Table with newspaper copies from May 25, 1982, the date of Cameron's birthday

Tablescape view

Marietta Talks thanks Cameron Clark for being a good sport and providing such entertaining copy

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